London Wall

Versatility meets Function and Acoustic Performance of Rw 47dB

The latest installation just completed by London Wall Installation was a product developed by design to suit a specific requirement. One of London’s top fine dining establishments had a need to divide a private dining area into two smaller private dinning areas while allowing them to still maximise the space and keep the ‘Michelin Star’ aesthetics. 

We used our latest G200 acoustic folding system in combination with our Top Hung Type 100 and tailored it to include static glass panels and full height glass access doors allowing us to maintain the Rw 47dB offered by the G200. The double glass doors were essential to allow the staff to enter the dining area easily with their trolleys and the wood panel finish in keeping with the interior décor. Here at London Wall, we pride ourselves in being flexible and open to new ideas and designs.

If you have a requirement that needs a personal touch or a bespoke tailored solution, give us a call and set up a meeting with our team who will be happy to guide you in the design of your master piece.