London Wall

The Future of Workspace

The workspace revolution is all about design. The future is all about creating productive environments using agile and flexible designs. The old ways are being cast aside as companies and organisations focus on work and its settings holistically. The demand for new approaches is at an all time high. Below, the team here at London Wall looks into the future of our offices. The world over, companies are seeking ways to facilitate a more harmonious environment for collaboration, team shifting, and flexibility within the work place. An office space can become more effective, flexible and efficient because it supports a dynamic rather than a static workforce.

As the attitude towards the environment in which work changes, so too will its aesthetic. The line between work and home will blur as companies focus on the idea of community. Coworking space, with its informal and collaborative ethos, will scale up. Smart environments will become the norm. Attracting this young, forward-thinking and creative generation will be a shared goal of cities and employers.

Transformative Spaces – leading organisations understand that well-designed workspaces improve performance and encourage productivity. They see it as crucial to achieving their goals. The shift towards transformational spaces is proof that the emphasis is being placed upon building a positive dynamic through effective office space design.

Agile Working is the key to increasing creativity and innovation within a workplace. An effective office design strategy can help to stimulate divergent levels of thinking by providing an environment that is conducive to employee needs, therefore keeping workers engaged at work. A flexible physical working space also enables technology to adapt to the needs of the workers who use them.

Allowing individuals and groups to control their surroundings enables the space to come alive and become activated by people. Every space should be curated according to the culture while at the same time ensuring a free-flowing atmosphere with a variety of work mode options.

It is vital to create an efficient and optimal working area where your team can feel energised and motivated. Not only can great office design strategy elevate productivity and morale, but it can also help to promote and reinforce a corporate identity.

By changing the design and feel of your work space and allowing it to become more flexible, you will in turn change and adapt the attitude, productivity and harmony of the your workforce.