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Environmental Policy

The following Environmental Policy states our intentions and commitment as a company to conduct our business activities in a responsible manner and minimise our impact on the environment.

It is the policy of this company:

  • To comply with the relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance including the requirements established under its certification to BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. 
  • To protect the environment through the appropriate prevention of pollution or reduction in London Wall Group Holdings environmental impact both on a strategic level and day to day basis.
  • To encourage London Wall’s external providers to adopt similar environmental standards.
  • To identify and establish specific environmental objectives that relate to the organisation and the Environmental Management System.
  • For the Directors to review environmental risks identified at each relevant stage of its business development. To raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.
  • To monitoring the progress and review the environmental performance as a minimum on annual basis.
  • To co-operate with our clients and other interested parties to minimise any impact on the environment that our activities may have.
  • To continuously seek to improve both our Environmental Management System and environmental performance.

Overall responsibility for this policy rests with the Directors of London Wall Group Holdings Ltd.

This Environmental Statement shall be freely available upon request.

 Bogdan Nowakowski
 Managing Director

Sustainability Policy

In order to develop and continually improve our sustainability performance we must engage our supply chain. In order to do this, we will:

  • Work to ensure that our suppliers treat their people fairly and with respect and that there is a culture of equality and equity
  • Wherever possible we will employ local people and procure local produce and encourage our suppliers to do the same
  • Encourage and influence suppliers to investigate the environmental impact, including resource use, waste, energy and climate change, of their business process or product and then to adopt practices that reduce that impact, and
  • Assess the Health and Safety systems of our suppliers and monitor their compliance with our requirements.

We will engage our supply chain in sustainability by:

  • Using sustainability criteria, where appropriate, in the award of contracts
  • Requiring, where possible, that potential suppliers submit prices for alternative more sustainable products
  • Ensuring that any alternatives are given due cost benefit consideration prior to award
  • Informing our customers of more sustainable alternatives
  • Encouraging the assessment and monitoring of our suppliers’ supply chain to ensure that their sustainability risks, including Health and Safety, ethical, environmental, social and economic impacts are understood and managed, and
  • Ensuring that we deal with all our suppliers and potential suppliers fairly and ethically and in accordance with our procurement policy.

Bogdan Nowakowski
Managing Director

Sustainable Timber Procurement Policy

London Wall Group Holdings Ltd is committed to the responsible procurement of forest products.

Our long-term intention is to source all forestry products we procure directly or indirectly from well-managed forests which have been verified to credible certification standards.

It is the policy of this Company:

  • To never knowingly become involved in, collude with or procure timber from illegal logging operations.
  • We will work with our supply chain to ensure that where possible all forest products originate from FSC-certified sources.
  • Our timber procurement policy requires that all timber and wood-derived products must have forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification, or in cases where it is not possible to source FSC-certified products, we will source from independently verifiable legal & sustainable sources.
  • Wherever possible, suppliers must be able to provide evidence that the timber or timber products they supply are from legal & sustainable sources.
  • To continually monitor the process and review the policy on an annual basis.

Bogdan Nowakowski
Managing Director