London Wall

London Wall Partners with Ecologi to Plant over 3,000 Trees as Part of On-going Commitment

We’re excited to announce that London Wall has joined Ecologi, a social enterprise backed by over 20,000 businesses to achieve impactful climate action projects across the globe. Since being founded in 2019, Ecologi has funded over 70,000,000 trees and helped to avoid over 2,800,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Ecologi maintains a very high bar for entry when vetting the carbon reduction initiatives they work with, only supporting projects certified at the highest standards by Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard.

Collective action is needed to limit the effects of global warming. At London Wall we work hard limit our impact on the environment in a range of ways such as; ensuring responsible disposal of waste (both on-site and during the manufacturing process), recycling materials where possible and working with responsible suppliers.

To demonstrate our commitment towards minimising London Wall’s overall carbon footprint, we’ll be funding one tree for every moving wall panel we manufacture. Going forward, these contributions will be made quarterly.

Rather than wait to make a positive impact, we decided to celebrate this new initiative by funding an initial 3,025 trees; a tree for every operable wall panel we manufactured in the 12 months prior to October 2023 (rounded up for good measure!). These trees will be planted in Kenya and Madagascar.

Planting trees has a number of benefits for mitigating climate change, supporting biodiversity and also for human health. As a climate solution, the conservation and restoration of forests is a key solution because it helps to sink carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the trees’ biomass.

You can read more about Ecologi’s tree-planting efforts, their other fantastic initiatives, or become a member, by visiting their website: 

We look forward to sharing our next update with you!