London Wall

Improve Schools with Movable Walls

Many educational facilities struggle with the lack of usable space available within their grounds, especially when it comes to the classroom. And school’s available space, or lack of it, can unfortunately limit the range of activities available for pupils in their classes, that could otherwise take place. Short of rebuilding the entire school – there is one easy solution.

For both pupils and teachers, moveable walls and partitions can help enhance the potential of classrooms, by allowing staff to divide the space up into separate areas for different activities and groups, creating private and separate spaces.

Moveable walls also allow classrooms to adapt to different class sizes. For smaller classes, they will allow you to have a smaller and more intimate classroom environment, so everyone’s voices are heard and not lost in empty, unused space. For larger classes, it can foster more activities taking place at the same time.

They can also be used even more practically, whether to separate a cloakroom from the rest of the classroom, or by having somewhere to display pupils’ artwork as it dries, for them to take home at the end of the day. Or perhaps the partitioned space can act as a “breakout” area when pupils need space away from the rest of the class for various reasons.

Many teachers struggle with their classrooms with having a lack of useable space for day-to-day classroom activities, or when it comes to a parent-teacher event, or even during exam time. Moveable walls can help offer an easy solution to break the classroom up to allow smaller, multiple classroom activities, discussions and functions.

But outside of the classroom, moveable walls can also help with other areas of the school, such as the school hall, for exams, and functions in bigger spaces, such as parent’s evenings, open days and other school events. They can section off parts of a bigger space for more private conversations, or to separate different functions.

Moveable walls also bring with them varying levels of sound reduction. The type of partition you choose will vary on the particular needs, such as whether you want a wall that’s there on a more permanent basis, or is easy to open and close throughout the day, depending on the class and lesson plan.