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How to create more space


Creating open and comfortable work spaces within an office is a vital part of keeping staff motivate and improving efficiency. There has been a lot of research done which shows that the space, light and environment of a work space can have a big impact on the quality and quantity of work produced. More managers and business owners in all different industries are now looking for ways to improve their office layout. Here are some tips on how you can create a more space:


Effective use of lighting can have a very big impact on the spaciousness and comfort of an office. If you have many poorly lit areas in the office, it can create a sense of enclosure that will demotivate staff and make the whole office seem less vibrant. Natural light is the best, so try and utilise windows as much as possible but clean white LED light can also give the sense of more space.


If you run a busy office that is always full of staff carrying out different meetings and conferences, it can be hard to find suitable space if your office layout is linear. Utilising bespoke structures can help you create unique spaces that are specific to your daily needs.


When designing your office layout, it’s important to think about the day-to-day routine and plan things around that. It may seem like you are saving space by pushing a lot of desks or furniture to the back of the room but creating a free-flowing office layout that takes into account high-traffic work areas, will create a much better sense of spaciousness and a more enjoyable, stress-free experience for staff.


It’s surprising how much a good clear out can create more space. It’s understandable that in a busy office, clutter will gather up over time and make an area look crowded and untidy. A clear desk reflects a clear mind and getting rid of clutter will create a more open and clean environment while helping staff to focus more and stay motivated.


If you’re truly struggling to create the space you need in the office and you don’t have enough time to commit yourself fully to the project, hiring an interior designer or professional organiser can be an ideal solution that will fix your problem while allowing you to still focus on work.

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