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Lightweight, sturdy and strong, Float Agile Sliding Panels are as versatile as they are stunning. Float is an agile sliding panel system that glides into place in moments, on demand, anywhere there’s track.

Float enables spaces to instantly configure, and re-configure, infintely. Available in a multitude of finishes, these unique sliding panels enhance user productivity by providing a surface to write on, pin to, stick onto or simply to absorb reverberated noise.

With Float, interior spaces can be transformed in so many ways, creating contemporary, flexible environments, neighbourhoods, spaces and zones that are perfect for hybrid, activity-based, agile and collaborative working.


Technical Information

Panel Types

Aluminium framed with mesh and whiteboard sections

Float drywipe
Timber Slats
Float Polyester
Fabric wrapped stitch detail

Float aluminium frame with integrated materials


TL5 (‘K’ System)
TL6 (‘K’ System) – Panels stacked behind reveal
Linear Track With Offset ‘K’ Stack

Bi-Parting ‘K’ System

Double ‘K’ System

Moving wall and operable partition maintenance

Our expert servicing and maintenance professionals have been providing support across the country for systems of all types and manufacturers.