London Wall

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The London Wall Group of Companies has implemented a continuity strategy to mitigate wherever possible the effects to the business from the recent pandemic outbreak. 

This strategy will help ensure our organisation is best positioned to maintain wherever possible our operations and continue to provide an unrivalled service to our valued clients, customers and supply chain partners. 

In compliance with legislation and advice received from the government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, we have taken immediate steps to ensure that our staff and resources are protected wherever possible from the transmission of the virus. A number of our management and administration staff are now working remotely from home with full access to our communication systems and support network, and we are providing all of our staff with up-to-date information on prevention and containment of the virus, and the importance of self-isolation in the event of any staff member becoming infected. 

We are currently collaborating with all of our supply chain partners who have assured us that there are currently no manufacturing issues that may prevent our company from continuing to fulfil our business obligations, and maintain our services to meet our client and customer requirements wherever possible. 

As the situation evolves, we may need to take further steps that could affect our ability to provide the level of service we have traditionally offered to our customers. Should such changes be forced on us, we will communicate the changes to you as quickly as possible.