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30+ years experience in creating space solutions using movable walls, sliding folding partitions and acoustic panels, London Wall has built up a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions and outstanding service.

Movable Walls & Sliding Partitions

Market leading moving walls and sliding partition systems.

Sound Absorption Products

Explore our range of sound-absorbing wall & ceiling panels, polyester products and other acoustic solutions
Case Studies

In early 2022 London Wall was approached by workplace design experts at NHQ to help deliver a number of flexible space solutions at the London-based home of multi-award winning media company, UKTV.

London Wall was approached by the design and build experts at Tétris to provide a space division solution that allowed for multiple configurations within one of the open plan spaces on this 7th floor, London-based project.

The TBWA\MCR team sought a solution that would enable staff to work as a team, or split up into pairs and work within quickly configurable zones. Their search lead them to the discovery of Float – London Wall’s agile moving panel system.

Float, our sliding panel system, not only helped to deliver a workspace that is flexible thanks to lightweight panels that can be moved in seconds, but also provided a plethora of functional surfaces.

Moving wall and operable partition maintenance

Our expert servicing and maintenance professionals have been providing support across the country for systems of all types and manufacturers.

Acoustic Design Service

Our team of acoustics experts are available to provide product and design advice tailored to your project.

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“I would like to take this opportunity to say how much of a pleasure it has been working with London Wall with the quality of service and product we have received. You can rest assured the next time we have a project which encompasses works of this nature we will be immediately in touch.”

Kieran Watson, ErgoPlus Facilities

“I had a great experience with London Wall. Tracy made a site visit, took measurements and discussed many different options for our space and I had a quote by email the next day. It is refreshing to see customer service at its best. London Wall was the only company in London willing to come out and help us look at our space creatively. Highly recommend.”

Michael D. Boone-Traveller, Ayurveda Pura

“There was no product on the market that was suitable for a large lab, and the radiation protection specialists we spoke to were not willing to take on the risks this design came with. It was a pleasure to work with a company willing to take on a risky challenge and get the detail right, and come out with a product that looks smart, is easy to use, and meets all safety requirements.”

Belinda Le Mesurier, Tp Bennett LLP